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Services available in conjunction with TSG Solutions

Windows Server Deployment

The installation of Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 x86/x64 and Windows 2008 server family operating systems.

Linux Server Deployment

Installation of Linux and BSD based OSes. We specialise in OpenSuse 11.x x64 and FreeBSD 6.1 i386/AMD64 but others are available on request

Turnkey Solutions

We have contacts in avrious segments of the IT business and we usually combine our forces to provide e cohesive and complete system.

Virtualization Systems

This is our prime service which all of our customers use. The benefits are many and since our start of using this technology 10 years ago (first in Malta) we boast no data loss and longest downtime of 17 hours for a 2 server failures due to a fire.

Virtual Workspaces

This service is picking up as teleworking is becoming more widely used.

DRP Solutions

In line with our Virtualization standards - and a standard transition when having virtualized systems. Disater Recovery and Planning is a milestone which is at the fingertips of all companies - being small all large, and we make it look easy.

Web applications

We do not take technology lightly and we help develop suitable and cost effective solutions for the web; be it for use internally or by internet users.

Custom Software Solutions

We work with several local software houses, as well as other companies in Serbia, UK and Italy - depends of the application required.

Wide Area Networking

We offer intranet and extranet solutions for cost effective widea area operations utilizing Internet and/or wireless solutions. We do focus on security to make sure your data is safe.

Since many of our services revolve around virtualizations, we will jot down some of the advantages of using virtualization and our way of deploying it.

  • Save energy; reduces electricty consumption. How? Utilizing less servers whilst still preserving teh same logical segmentation helps in reducing the th electricity bills
  • More reliable; it is hard to believe but our record is unbroken. 10 years without data loss with over 25 clients using these systems. See who can match the same record
  • Simpler and more affordable maintanance; all server virtual and hosts areaccessible via secure web perfect for managing remotely. No more waiting for technicians or engineers. The support you need - here and now.
  • Cost effective scaling; avoid costly installations. We provide pre installed virtual machines of any type - MacOS, FreeBSD, Windows Servers, Windows XP, Lamp/Xamp servers, Mail Servers, MS SQL servers, mySql servers. Deploying is as simple as a copy.
  • Hardware independence; once system is deployed, virtual servers will run on any hardware without ever the need to re-install or costly config changes - and will run on a laptop. bnranded servers or custom built machines
  • Comprehensive Backups; Unlike standard systems, a server backup means just that - a full copy of the machine inlucuidng OS and the hardware specifications creating a portable version of that machine
  • Available for all; Useful for individuals, small, medium to large companies this technology has benefits to all

Note: On our support site there is a complete guide of how we deploy our tried and tested linux + vmware installation is on http://www.en3.biz/wiki

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