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Fire your immagination and start using Mdaemon Archive tool today! You can try trial test it for free for 30 days. Download your free demo copy from here today.

Get your Mdaemon Archive Tool today

Comparing MDAT with Achab's Lab Archive Server for MDaemon

MDaemon Archive Tool

EN3 proudly brings you MDaemon Archiver Tool a software for all Alt-N MDaemon E-Mail Server users. Mdaemon Archiver Tool analysis and stores both MDaemon SMTP log files as well as makes a backup of all emails. This information can be queried very quickly with the inbuilt search engine or emails can be restored.

Who Needs Mdaemon Archive Tool ?

Any company or administrator who uses MDaemon needs MDAT

What is MDaemon ?

MDaemon is a very powerful mail server sold by ALT-N. And Mdaemon Archive Tool (MDAT for short) is an add-on for the MDaemon Server.




Simple licensing

Archive SMTP Logs

Search SMTP Logs

Microsoft Vista Support

Uses in-built SQL Server


Lifetime Free Upgrades

Can be used even if Mail Server is down

In Built Web capability

MDAT SettingsMDAT Read EmailsMDAT Read LogsMDAT RestoreMDAT ResultsMDAT Search EmailsMDAT Search Logs

Features of Mdeamon Archive Tool

Archive SMTP Logs

E-Mail Backups

Fast LOG Searches

Fast E-Mail Searches

Restore E-mails

Automted LOG Archiving

Automated E-Mail backups

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