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What is it?

What is it?

Excel2db is a new service created in 2009 which is slowly taking root.

Many users develop their own tools and applications using MS Excel, but then are stuck because these tools cannot be used collaboratively in an office or in a group as Excel does not natively support databases.

We have pioneered modules for MS Excel 2003 and 2007 which with some customizations can convert these small user made tools into fully blown enterprise level applications with an SQL Server or mySql server backend.


Modules available

mySql database addon

Microsoft SQL Server addon

Auto-charting module (only office 2007)

Offline syncronization

Access local storage

Auto Email


Q & A

Q. Can I use my own sql server?
A. Yes. our conversions work with MS Sql server 2000 through 2008 32 or 64 bit, mysql 4.1 through 5.1 on any linux/freebsd/winodws system and should work on any ODBC compliant database

Q. I do not have an SQL server. What do I do?
A. We provide a virtual server pre-installed with mysql 5.1 on FreeBSD 6.4 64-bit

Q. Do I need to purchase any additional hardware?
A. No. Virtual server only requires 400MB of RAM for a 10 user network; Virtual server requires a workstation or an existing server to be installed upon

Q. What about any work we did? Will this be lost or changed?
A. No. The beauty of these systems is that we simply expand your app such that it can be used in a network environment.

Q. Can I update my application? Will this destroy your changes?
A. Yes! Our modules are written in a way that user can update his own application wiithout breaking the database code

Q. Do you provide support?
A. Yes. Either through hourly support packs or maintanance agreement plans

Q. How much does it cost?
A. This depends on the client requirements and are charged as hourly packs as these are custom made modules specific to you only.


Type of applications which conversion can be applied to

  • Timesheet style
  • Data warehousing
  • Invoice templates
  • Address books
  • Sales & Purchase Ledgers
  • Stock Control
  • Statistics
  • Scoring systems
  • Personel info
  • Costings and analysis
  • Patient stats

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